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Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind will Follow Part II

by Dødsferd

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Nekobibu I don't always listen to DSBM but when I do, I listen to DØDSFERD. Wrath is a genius.
Morgoth The Sad Man
Morgoth The Sad Man thumbnail
Morgoth The Sad Man A true piece of art. Depressive Black Metal perfection. An artitst at his peak, doing what he does best. Flawless. The composition of the more agressive parts shares the same devotion as the calmer ones. Acoustic passages strike gloriously, the volcals are as passionate as the lyrics and so personal and honest that they hurt. A work of art by a consummated artist! Favorite track: Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind will follow: The Red Lake of Your Innocence.
bcb723 thumbnail
bcb723 Going a second straight night into the abyss of Dødsferd. The music here is thematically linked to Part I but as good as that record was, Part II is even stronger. Wrath seems to have gone through some shit in the 11 years between albums - this music is dripping with personal frustration, betrayal & misanthropic indignation. Not to mention various unexpected touches to vary the beautiful black metal melodies. Not going to lie: I feel this completely and kind of just want to give him a hug haha Favorite track: Servants of Ego and Filth: The Bastard Sons of Nature.
Kursma thumbnail
Kursma This album is a masterpiece. Impossible to box into one gategory of music, as it moves along the shady borderlines of 2nd generation black metal, depressive black metal, goth and doom. And more. These two tracks are a gift for a music fan that just keep on giving. The more you listen to them, the more they mesmerize. Atmospheric, yet detailed. As being said, a masterpiece to the fullest. Favorite track: Servants of Ego and Filth: The Bastard Sons of Nature.
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There are times my hate feeds my veins and my heart seeing the world falling apart, I can’t hide my joy, an anxiety penetrates the shady look of my eyes an establishment of false ideas, of fake idols and an illusion of a God that will save your incapable soul Terrified by thoughts; translates into cleansing of the entire human race People weak and cursed to live in the expense of their masters I have seen the look of a dead and abandoned soul I tried to embrace his fears and fight for his independence They don’t want to live, they don’t want to create Puppets of worms and parasites They have approved and sealed their tombs with their ignorance Visions of Leeches dancing on their graves, feeding their greedy lust for flesh A pleasant surprise of religious wastes A coffin ship, sailing to forbidden lands Created only for your kind, cut your bonds and offer your blood to your fears There is no tomorrow coming for your dreams A glimpse of hope has just died with your apathy Wash your hands into the red lake of your innocence and remember who was carving this giant cross on your chest Remember, It was I!!! Burn Your Soul!!! Cut Your Bonds!!! Died with Your apathy!!! Cut your bonds! Offer Your Blood, to your fears!!! Wash your hands; Your Bloody hands! Into the Red Lake, of your innocence! Remember and never forget! I was the one who forged a giant cross to your chest!!! It was I, who burned your soul! There are times my hate feeds my veins and my heart seeing the world falling apart, I will never hide my joy! An anxiety penetrates the shady look of my eyes an establishment of false ideas, of fake idols and an illusion of a God that will save your incapable soul and an illusion of a God; He will never save your fucking soul!!! Nikolaos Spanakis (aka Wrath of Dødsferd) January of 2020
A blink of an eye would just fit perfectly to this massive conspiracy A blink of an eye, forging the end of man The relics of the past will never be a lesson for your future acts Frozen moments of sodomy and lust Identify your acts as moving targets to the cemetery of your hearts Praise your cause, as a forgiveness of your denial on second chance of life Have you ever traveled to the morbid wasteland of your failure? Have you ever seen the long distance of a reunited mistake? You are the mistake, the bastard son of nature Concrete, barrels of truth overshadow your existence! In the shadow of my pale companion, I gaze a world of failure and regret All these feelings kept in silence; I cherish a hidden treasure of my last breath!!! Who is above the law of death Who brings light at the end of your tunnel Judgment day, foolish pray Follow your kind and become one with them Massive playgrounds of rotten bodies, feed mother earth You have done a worthy mentioned act on your miserable life Useless and destructive humanoids Humble servants of Ego and Filth Spanakis Nikolaos (aka Wrath of Dødsferd) January of 2020


20 years have passed since the day I decided to introduce my demons to your worthless mortality and filthy existence. With passion and will to create; with hatred and determination to spread the message of my world; with strength and guts I created my own God; I created my own Satan; I created my world; I created Dødsferd!

A lot of parasites tried to stand on my way, but their weak theories and miserable lives just made me stronger and more focused to my vision! I was able to distinguish all the ignorant leeches that wanted to be part of my world for their own reasons, since day one. Some of them were permitted to enter it; others just felt the bitterness of rejection! “Suicide and the Rest of Your kind will follow Part I”, was released in 2009. I didn’t ask anyone if I did right or wrong. I just did it without caring about others’ opinion. As I‘ve been doing all these years! After all, this is the journey of my life; the diary of my wanderings through this fragile planet full of living germs and disgusted leeches.

The feeling of frustration led me to create and release after 12 years, the second part of “Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind will follow” album. It took me three days and nights, sleepless and with constant consultations with my demons, in order to compose it. The production is raw and not friendly for the masses. This is a release dedicated to the few; to the true followers of my propaganda! That’s why I decided to release it through my own label, “Fucking Your Creation Records”. This is not a circus, or a friendly gathering of clowns!
This is misanthropic underground black metal against all!!!

All these years I have seen all the faces of the underground movement and I decided that I could not be part of it, as they have done it. I was just working hard to ease the voices in my head and stay loyal to my vision. Now that I have moved away from all the rock star wannabes of the scene and the black metal wise asses; now that my mind has cleaned from their dirt, I can create my own scene. I am very glad that I have left all this shit behind and started a new chapter!
Respect the underground and stay loyal to the roots of it!!!

- Wrath -

Official Music Video Created by Nikos Stavridakis (VisionBlack):


Second Official Video Created by Mick Alexandrakis (Black Screen Graphic Arts):



released August 10, 2021

“Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind will follow Part II” was recorded in the first months of 2020 at “Barking Dog Studio” in Ierapetra, Crete.

Drums were recorded by N.D. at DFS Sound Studio, in Volos.

Mixed and Mastered by Giannis Leledakis in September 2020 till January of 2021 at “the Omegha Studio” in Irakleio, Crete.

Music and Lyrics were written by Nikolaos Spanakis (aka Wrath of Dødsferd) in total solitude!

For this deathless album, the LINE UP of the recordings was:

Wrath – All Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, All Arrangements

m. Sarvok – Bass, Solo & Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Feedback, Cello, Keyboards, Flute, Saxophone and Sound Design

N.D. – Drums

All Artwork by Bacchus.
Wrath’s Photos by Giorgos Balantinakis.
Layout and graphic Design by Nikolaos Stavridakis (VisionBlack).

On November 6th, of 2021, "S*****e Part II" was released by FYC records in 6-Panel Digi CD Format, plus 8 pages Booklet, limited in 300 copies, along with Merch (FYCR 20 / 2021).

On November 8th, of 2021, Razorbleed Productions, released the Wooden Tape Box Format of the album, limited in 66 Hand numbered Copies, under the license of FYC Records!

Some Comments by Nikos Stavridakis of Razorbleed Productions for the release of the album:

"DØDSFERD need no introduction. One of the cult Black Metal acts of the Hellenic scene celebrates 20 years of existence with the brand new album "S*****e and the rest of your kind will follow" part II. This album is a direct continuation of the iconic 2009 part I release that made a huge impact back then and is regarded as one of the band's finest albums. After the official release on Digipack on November 06th, I will have the honor to release it on tape as well on November 08th, in a luxurious engraved wooden box, in a very limited quantity for the die-hard followers. This one will come in only 66 copies, signed and hand-numbered by Wrath, the uncompromising mastermind behind DØDSFERD".

And on November 6th, of 2022, FYC Records released this unique Gem, in 100 Copies of Trifold Heavy Black LP, along with A3 Artwork Poster, Insert with the amazing Review of the Metal Wanderlust, plus FYCR items (FYCR 22 / 2022).

Dødsferd is Wrath & Wrath is Dødsferd, till the end of this journey!
Appropriate listening mode: Maximum volume!


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Dødsferd Ierapetra, Greece

Misanthropic Underground Black Metal Since 2001

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